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Ariane-Li writes music since she is 5. 

Started learning classical violin at the same age for 7 years, touching drums and other instruments, she evolved towards guitar, then bass guitar then really fell for piano.

Her punk rock influences always seem to be found in the back of her work, whether in her sound or in her approach to music.

Glam stadium rock is her universe as she is profoundly engaged as an artist and sings from the deepest of her soul.

Her charisma on stage is undeniable, as her solid background as an artist and producer is giving her outstanding strength that is being felt through her music and shows, which have already inspired many women and men.

Through her music, she tells her vision of life, expresses her resilience mechanisms, and enlights souls sharing her perspective of hope.

May you discover her powerful and vast universe, as she is always aiming to help unveil the best in every soul. 

Back in time....



05. ÊTRE LILAS 04:34


01. MONEY WHIP 02:51




08. ANGELS 02:27

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